Hevestherm 70 Standard

„Aesthetic design or higher level of security?...”

You don't have to choose one with HEVESTHERM front doors! During the manufacturing process, in addition to the many positive attributes of our doors and windows, we place a great emphasis on security as well. Available in both one-, and two-wing design, with a wide variety of colors and panels, it provides complete freedom for every taste.

Technical properties:

  • 70mm installation depth and wind made of category A Aluplast profile
  • Technology based on 10 years of experience
  • 3 liftproof, ROTO-reinforced, 3-way adjustable door hinge
  • The timeless hot-dip galvanized U-section reinforcement in the frame, and the hot-dip galvanized hollow structural section in the wing ensure high stability
  • 4 extra gussets in the wing
  • Grey rubber seal on white structures, black rubber seal on colored structures
  • Genuine thermal bridge free aluminium sill
  • Basic 5-point lock ensuring high security
  • Higher level of security on demand (WK II hinges and bolts, espagnolette, secondary lock cylinder, drill proof cylinder, steel reinforced panel, safety glass)
  • 36 mm panel and availability of triple glazing for better heat insulation
  • High levels of stability and safety, category MABISZ available

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