About the company

Our Company is engaged in the general construction, renovation and maintenance of industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

Besides general construction we also undertake master building and industry-specific works. We provide constructing services for our partners in constant, high quality, hiring the best professionals.

We have a clean, long-term relationship with our scope of suppliers and also with our national and foreign manufacturers, who help us achieving our goals. Our Company has got a continuously improving and expanding plant of modern machines and heavy duty vehicles.

Besides keeping an eye on economic issues, we strive to apply the newest innovations along with material and energy efficient technologies. Supported by significant reference list and by the positive feedbacks of our customers we believe that the existence of IHITECH Ltd. is well grounded in the building market. Our Company has not got any bank-, supplier-, tax- and contribution debits or any other public dues, therefore is enlisted in the public due-free tax payer's records of the National Tax and Customs Administration, which you can check here.