Quality control

The management of IHITECH Kft has realized that serving our customers and satisfying their needs can only be done by providing safe, qualitatively impeccable service, with full compliance to legal and other requirements.

In order to achieve this, we have organized and are operating our intagrated management system in a way that allows these to satisfy our customers needs meeting the highest quality standards.

We have achieved our reputation and market position by providing services meeting our clients' needs, and by using an effective integrated management system.

Thus we place a great emphasis on all activities helping us reaching our goals, resulting in the satisfaction of our customers.

The purpose of our integrated management system is to make the management and operation of our company regulated and clear, so that our services comply with regulatory and customer expectations in a way that allows us to ensure the success and long term development of IHITECH Kft, and the jobs of our associates by realizing our internal policy and our goals.

The management of IHITECH Kft. considers the realization of the highest levels of QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, work HEALTH and SAFETY to be of utmost importance. To achieve this, our company has committed itself to maintain and continuously develop an integrated management system complying with the EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004, and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standards, as well as providing the neccessary human and technical resources.

Our goals:

  • Providing services of appropriate and continuously improved quality to maintain the satisfaction of our customers
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance, avoiding emergencies and pollution, reducing the environmental impact
  • Realizing the highest levels of work health and safety, reducing risks and dangers, continuously improving the management of risks and dangers, avoiding work accidents

In order to achieve our goals:

We maintain continuous contact with our suppliers, and ensure the highest quality for our Customers by conducting regular inspections. We ensure that our activities and services fully comply with the regarding inside policies set by our company, customer expectations and the current Hungarian legal and other regulations.

We foster the individual development of our associates and the awareness on quality-, environment-, health-, and work protection via regular trainings and contributions to further education.

We continuously monitor our service delivery, environmental impact and the occupational health and safety hazards, keeping them in compliance with the appropriate regulations.

We pay constant attention to improve work conditions, our consciously developed and managed system fosters the quality-, environment-, and safety-oriented work.

We seek to develop long-term external and internal relationships, making our partners and associates interested in fulfilling our expectations, which we achieve through continuous monitoring.

The CUSTOMER has a highly important, central role in our business philosophy.

The management of our organization expects all associates and partners to understand the integrated policy and realize the required processes, and continuously improve that by taking an active role in the operation of the integrated management system, contribute to the fulfillment of the policy, goals and expectations with their personal responsibilities and knowledge, thus improving the competitiveness of the organization.