General construction

General construction is an activity that includes the planning of the investment, the controlling of the constructional works and the supervision. The general constructor organizes and controls the fluent work flow of the industry-specific workers. During a general construction, unnecessary burdens of the building must be alleviated from the client's shoulders. From phase of planning until the delivery of the keys, the client must feel that he/she has contracted with the right constructor.

We build industrial, commercial, residential and public buildings up to advanced structure and turn-key readiness along with full-ranged administration. From the foundation to the handover of the keys we do management on a project level, nad alleviate the burdens of the construction from the client's shoulder. As a first step, we identify the needs, then we shall make a bid, contract an agreement with the customer, prepare the plans, obtain the necessary permissions from the authorities, do the necessary landscaping, take care for the purchase of the necessary materials, build up the building from the foundations to the chimney and finally, we obtain the permissions for the usage.