Hevestherm 70 Standard Karát

„The entrance of the future...”

The uncomprimising choice. Aluminium finish at available price. The 70 STANDARD KARÁT entrance doors posess excellent sound-, and heat insulating properties and feature modern, aesthatic design, sleek style and state-of-the-art technical specifications. Their powder coated aluminium finish resists even the most severe weather conditions. The doors are available in a wide variety satisfying every unique need, and can be ordered in every RAL color.

Technical properties:

  • 70mm installation depth and wind made of category A Aluplast profile
  • Technology based on 10 years of experience
  • 3 liftproof, ROTO-reinforced, 3-way adjustable door hinge
  • The timeless hot-dip galvanized U-section reinforcement in the frame, and the hot-dip galvanized hollow structural section in the wing ensure high stability
  • 4 extra gussets in the wing
  • Grey rubber seal on white structures, black rubber seal on colored structures
  • Genuine thermal bridge free aluminium sill
  • Basic 5-point lock ensuring high security
  • Higher level of security on demand (WK II hinges and bolts, espagnolette, secondary lock cylinder, drill proof cylinder, steel reinforced panel, safety glass)
  • 36 mm panel and availability of triple glazing for better heat insulation
  • Aluminium finish with any desired color, multiple surfaces, available even in embossed design
  • High levels of stability and safety, category MABISZ available

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