Industry specific works

Activities in building industry are not restricted solely to constructions of new buildings and significant renovations. Often, only specific sessions need to be carried out. In such cases even one or two professionals with minimal staff can manage the current needs.

We can help you carrying out the following building mastery and industry specific sessions:


  • On-site concreting
  • Walling
  • Plastering
  • Lintel installing


  • Untrussed constructing
  • Roof lath-works
  • Planking
  • Wooden joist constructing

Dry construction

  • Plasterboard separating-wall structures
  • Plasterboard ceiling
  • Plasterboard cassette ceiling
  • Covering of pillars and timbers with plasterboard


  • Tile works
  • Bituminous shingle works
  • Plate works
  • Thatching


  • Floor balancing
  • Ceramics covers
  • Cast stone covers
  • Stone covers

Floor laying

  • Parquet laying
  • PVC laying
  • Textile laying
  • Cork laying

Tin works

  • Plating
  • Gutter installment
  • Rim and curve installment
  • Roof loophole installment

Building joinery

  • Constructing custom wooden doors and windows
  • Constructing wooden stairs
  • Constructing wooden railings
  • Baseboard works


  • Built-in cupboard constructing
  • Kitchen cupboard constructing
  • Office cupboard constructing
  • Bathroom cupboard constructing


  • Constructing metal railings
  • Constructing metal bars
  • Constructing metal fences
  • Gate constructing

Door/window installment

  • Installment of wooden, aluminum, plastic elevation doors/windows
  • Installment of wooden, aluminum, plastic inside doors/windows
  • Mansard window installment
  • Light tube installment

Glass works

  • Glassing of wooden, metal, plastic structures
  • Glassing of roof structures
  • Installment of inside glass walls
  • Glassing of greenhouses


  • Inside finishing coat
  • Wallpapering
  • Elevation painting
  • Fire protective painting

Insulating works

  • Subsoil proofing
  • Water proofing
  • Roof, slab, thermal bridge insulation
  • Elevation insulation


  • Shutter installment
  • Visor installment
  • Blinds installment
  • Mosquito net installment


  • Drinking water piping construction
  • Drain pipe construction
  • Heating systems construction
  • Air conditioning systems installment
  • Vents installment
  • Renewable energy utilizing systems construction

Building electricity

  • Strong current systems installment
  • Electrical fixtures placement
  • Management and control device installment
  • Thunderbolt protection, shock protection, fire protection evaluation and recording

Building automation

  • Building communication systems construction
  • Entrance automation
  • Alarm systems construction
  • Video surveillance systems installation

Landscape architecture

  • Bedding-plant planting
  • Swarding
  • Watering system establishment
  • Gardening